OAuthCredentialsProvider send 401 error for Camunda Self-Managed

Hello Camunda!

Currently I am implementiong solution for Camunda Identity authorization following official doc for Java cleint. We use Camunda 8.2.7 Self-Managed in our AWS cluster.

Here is my code (yes, it is very simple but just for testing):

public static void testAuth() {
        final OAuthCredentialsProvider provider =
                new OAuthCredentialsProviderBuilder()

        final ZeebeClient client =
                new ZeebeClientBuilderImpl()


Zeebe client ID and Secrte I took from Identity and is was configured by default (Helm chart).

But when I run my code I get error Failed while requesting access token with status code 401 and message Unauthorized.

May you please help to figure out what I did wrong?