Only got 30 seconds to click the "Complete"-Button in the Camunda Tasklist


I am using the Rest API in order to communicate with C++ and C++ is my external worker. I have a problem with Fetch And Lock External Tasks.

In fact, when I start a new instance of my process and receive a task in the Camunda Tasklist, I only got 30 seconds to enter the parameter in the form field and click the “Complete”-Button. If it lasts longer than 30 seconds before I click the “Complete”- Button, C++ throws the following exception:

web::http::http_exception at memory location

I already set the “lock duration” in the Json to more than 30 seconds and also the “asyncResponseTimeout”, but this has apparently nothing to do with this exception, since it still occurs after 30 seconds.

I attached a simple test diagram, such that you can hopefully better understand what I am meaning.

simple_test_diagram.bpmn (3.1 KB)