Open source RPA with Camunda 8

A couple of months ago, with @Niall, we held a workshop Business process automation with Robot Framework and Camunda Platform at RoboCon 2023. The workshop was based on my open source automation playground and Zeebe.

Lo and behold: it all works also with full Camunda Platform 8, and even on Windows!

And if you look that setup with my parrot-rcc based RCC integration in detail (and as long as you don’t need to expose business data at user task forms), with just Camunda 8 SaaS and S3 compatible buckets, it is possible to build robust and secure solutions, where all business data remains at your on-premises S3 buckets and only process state and control data visits Camunda cloud.

To continue, where the “usual” RPA solutions focus on “usual RPA” patched with support for raw APIs and other more efficient solutions, RCC based bots have a Python core, with the whole Python ecosystem at their fingertips (“RPA part” and low code tools just being the sugary topping).


Just noticed this

parrot-rcc is the missing connector for open source RPA and easy Robot Framework or Python automation in general :slight_smile:

(To go further with the comparison with connector framework. RCC-integration is actually more like a runtime, and each robot is a really connector to some system, application or automation, deserving its own modeler template…)