Operate and Tasklist fail to start | self managed keycloak

After installing everything and booting up the containers, the tasklist and operate are failing to run successfully. Error being :

io.camunda.zeebe.client.api.command.ClientStatusException: null

Please find the attached SS below :

Please find docker file :
docker-compose.yaml (15.5 KB)

Hi @Harshdeep_Singh - thanks for starting a new topic! What .env file/variables are you using with this docker-compose file? It looks like you’ve pinned the Operate image to version 8.0.0, but from just the docker-compose.yaml file I can’t tell what version is being fetched for the other images. If there’s a version mismatch then I would expect there to be issues, so aligning the versions would be the first step I would recommend based on the available details.