Operate dashboard always shows 10k count of process instances even if count is 20k

operate dashboard always shows 10k count of process instances even if count is 20k.

on the right-hand side filter if I select running instances and even if the count is 20k , still the operate dashboard shows Process Instances 10000 result found.

Please advise

Hi @ShilpaN.Chalke - can you provide any screenshots showing this behavior?

Aplogies, As I am unable to upload the images from my machine due to firewall restriction, will try to explain using this links on internet.

My Operate Dashboard shows [44310 Running Process Instances in total] approx 15k in running and 29k incidents.

and When I click on Processes menu
It shows - Process Instances - 10000 results

This issue is with 8.2.4 and 8.4 helm chart as well.

@ShilpaN.Chalke - I know what pages you’re talking about, but without seeing what you’re seeing, it’s hard to know what might be happening. I would perhaps contact our enterprise support team to help further.


Also I see operate has become slow when the records grow. We tried increasing CPU and Memory in Helm file

@ShilpaN.Chalke - I would recommend creating an enterprise support ticket for this. I’ve asked the product team if there’s any limits around the number of PIs Operate can display, but in the meantime a support ticket is probably your best avenue forward. Performance concerns are very environment and use case specific and it’s hard to provide recommendations over the forum.

sure, will raise a support ticket. Thanks.