Opportunities of Camunda

Now we are choosing a BPM engine and have a list of requirements. Could you provide me informations it is supported by Camunda?

  1. Configurable Approval Assignments / Task assignment to roles depending on application
  2. Escalation Rules
  3. Process Dashboards and KPIs must exist
  4. Dashboard / widget functionality configurable by user
  5. Realtime (eMail) Notifications for Events (new Task assigned, Completed, etc.)
  6. Common Task inbox for differnt types of tasks (approvals, reviews, deactivations, etc.)
  7. Multiple files have to attached and saved in IDMS
  8. Mobile Access to Approvals and running applications
  9. Delegation Management - When a user is not available (vacation, sick leave, etc.) Tasks assigned to him have to be delegated.
  10. Visual Workflow overview
  11. Going back in Workflow must be possible
  12. Cancellation of Workflows must be possible
  13. Active Directory, Single Sign On
  14. Full Auditability - who has altered what data and who has approved what
  15. User Level Permissions / Data Level Security
  16. Single application for processes, tasks, enquiries, reporting

If understood correctly, Camunda supports:
1, 2(Business Rule task can help, I think), 3, 6, 14, 15, 16.
What about another points?

I’ll answer these under the assumption that you have developers available to implement some of the functionality you require and/or intend in getting those features by using the EE version

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  5. Yes
  6. Yes
  7. Yes - but it’s better not to use Camunda for this, better to use a file management System
  8. Yes
  9. Yes
  10. Yes
  11. Yes
  12. Yes
  13. Yes
  14. Yes
  15. Yes
  16. No - we have 3 different applications depending on the use (i.e Task workers, DevOps and Process owners)

Thank you!

4 - where can I find settings of dashboards?
8- Should we create own mobile application or it’s alreadye exists?
9 - Where can I set availability of users?
13 - I can’t find it in Settings. Should we write own implementation ?

Most people create their own - but you can just use tasklist if you like

This can be done programmatically - depending on the system you use for HR management.

This works out of the box - https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.10/user-guide/process-engine/identity-service/#the-ldap-identity-service