Optimize dashboard share embed link can't access in iframe

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Thank you for your answer。

  1. SaaS env is refused to display in iframe,If it is self-managed camunda env, can it also be displayed in iframe? (camunda optimize ver:3.9.3)

  2. 3.10.0-alpha4 and later versions support iframe display ???

Hi @xujun,

  1. That’s a good point, I can see we’ve fixed this issue for SaaS and I have also found a resolved ticket for Optimize 3.6.0 in platform (C7) mode, but I can’t see one specifically for self managed. Are you using self managed and if so, which version are you on?

  2. yes 3.10.0-alpha4 and later versions SaaS should support iFrame display, as well as Optimize 3.6.0 and up with C7. Though if you have any issues with that version please let me know.

optimize: 3.9.3

Thanks, and you experienced the issue with SaaS or self managed?