Optimize Feature Removal - 'Baseline' in Number Reports

Hi all!

We plan to remove the “Baseline” field on single number reports with goals.

Here’s why:
We’re redesigning the Settings panel to refocus on setting explicit KPIs.

We noticed that it started to get a little too crowded, and that the “Baseline” configuration doesn’t seem to be solving any unique use cases.

It was originally introduced back in 2018 to support a ‘progress bar’, where you’re trying to set a goal of going from 800 process instances to 1000 in a given month. However, you can achieve that goal in at least 2 other ways with Optimize 3.8, neither of which require you to reconfigure the report every time you hit the target

  1. Use a rolling date filter to see if 200 instances were run in the last 30 days
  2. Group process instance count by month and set a target of 200 (per month)

We’d like to remove it from the UI.

Does anybody depend on it?
Share your opinion here!

Optimize Product Manager

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