[Optimize] How to overwrite the bearer token generated by Optimize with the customized token

Hi,I have a question related to the Optimize authentication, what I understand is that Optimize uses the token based authentication for each of its web app API request, I can see the token set in the cookie currently, but since I don’t want to use the token Optimize generated in the cookie, instead I hope to overwrite it with a customized Jwt, does anyone know how to do it?

Hi @shenyongri110

Are you referring to the public API or the internal? For the public API, you can configure a custom access token in the api section of your config, for details on this please refer to the documentation.

Hi @Helene,

Thanks for your response, I actually want to refer to the internal API token, I can see the internal API token set in a cookie named X-Optimize-Authorization, but I hope to overwrite the internal API token with one generated by myself.

Hi @shenyongri110 ,
Currently it is not possible to overwrite the internal API token. However, if you have a license and this is something you require you could open a feature request for us to look into.