Optimize - HTTP ERROR 400 Invalid SNI


I am using Camunda 7.19.3, Optimize 3.13.0 and Elasticsearch 8.9.2. I am using elasticsearch with ssl, so I configured Optimize like down below.(Elasticsearch certificate is added on JVM)


Optimize works without problem at http://localhost:8090, but when I try to connect Optimize with SSL from https://localhost:8091, it gives me error like down below.

Also there is a warning at terminal.

I didn’t encounter with this error with Optimize 3.10.2.

I appreciate for any help.

If anyone looking for solution, in my scenario, I solved like down below.

This error is caused by not having an valid SSL certificate.

How I solved step by step:

  1. Generate a JKS file with command down below using keytool (which is located in Program Files\Java\jdk-\bin\keytool.exe for me)

keytool -genkey -alias server-alias -keyalg RSA -keypass changeit -storepass changeit -keystore keystore.jks

  1. When we run this command, as a first question it asks for our first name and last name. Type localhost for localhost. It will be our host address. We can fill other questions however we want.

  2. When we generate JKS file, we need to set its path at Optimize configuration file which is named “environment_config.yaml” like down below


After these steps, my problem is solved.

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