Option to add a new field in Camunda form

I am new to Camunda and just started my first project, so I am not familiar with all the functionalities, pluggings, etc.

My first challenge has two approaches:

1 - Add a button that allows the user to add multiple new fields in the forms (could I do that with the generated forms? Is there a plugin I could use? How would I store these additional variables?).

2 - Create a field form that allows the user to “request” for the additional fields by inserting X (a number). Then, X fields are generated (preferably in the same form).

By the way, I am using Tomcat.

I would really appreciate some help.

Hi @CamilaDemier,

Rendering UI components dynamically while the form is showing up can’t be implemented using the modeler.

In Camunda 7 platform, this requirement can be implemented using html embedded forms and utilizing JavaScript and Forms SDK.

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Hello @hassang, thank u so much for your answer!
I do know JavaScript but I am not familiar with Forms SDK or Java. In my project, I’ll be working along some devs and I want to be able to explain to them how to approach this problem.
Could you help me by expaining how to integrate Forms SDK in Camunda (what softwares or plugins need to be instaled?) and how would the form itself work (would it be necessary to have a .js, .html and .css?)
Thank u so much!

Hi @CamilaDemier,
I’ll add onto this topic a little as one of the devs for the forms builder.

It’s something we’ve got on our radar already but not for the near future, so I would follow up with hassang’s recommendations here. I’ve opened up a tracking ticket for this feature here, if you’d like to follow up on development.

Thanks for bringing this to the forums as it validates that we’re taking forms in the right direction :slight_smile: .

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Hi @CamilaDemier ,

Below docs might be of help to you

JSON Variables in Embedded Forms

And below are two examples of using forms SDK in a standalone app (if a standalone app option is your preference)