Optionals tasks resurface on dismissal in a different milestone

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I would like to model the bpmn for optional tasks, this task is shown to the user in a milestone1. Where in if a user clicks on dismiss button , I would like to resurface in next milestone2, if a user again click on dismiss button on milestone2, then I do not show the task to the user.
How to model this scenario in bpmn…I would like to create a reusable model use it across all optional tasks.

Hi @bug_c and welcome to the forum,

You can, for example, use boundary events and exclusive gateways. The process may look like this:
milestones.bpmn (10.8 KB)

How can we reuse the part where the the task has a boundary event and the result leading to exclusive gateway across different milestones instead of repeating the flows in modeler
Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 7.42.43 AM

You can create a minimal process model and call it via a call-activity

What is a minimal process model and call-activity?

For example like this:
milestones_v2.bpmn (12.2 KB)

Thank you , does this mean we need two pools for this? Can we not have it under one main process? Also can we call this activity for ‘n’ occurences of milestone?

A call activity invokes a different process. This process must be in a different pool or a different model. The process can be called as often as you like.