OR condtion in DMN input entries


I am new to camunda. I have a scenario where i want to put and OR condition between input variables . As far i know if we have multiple input camunda put and AND condition between them to evaluate the expression but i want an OR condition. Please guide me how to to do this. Kindly reply ASAP.

Hi @robin_garg,

is this what you are looking for: https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.11/reference/dmn11/feel/language-elements/#disjunction

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Hi Philip,

Thanks for the response. But the link you shared is to check the multiple values for a single field but i want to have OR condition between multiple fields of a decision table. if you have any option to do that please response.

If you have two inputs with OR semantics then you can use two rows to model the OR semantic. One input is set in one row, the other input in the other row. If an input is not set then it means - “don’t care”; so any input value is accepted.