Organizational CLA option?

Helping some of my associates work upstream on bpm and noticed the current CLA is configured as an ICLA. Working with my legal team to see if that could be allowed by exception, but our common approach has been a CCLA. cla-assistant can support an approval by public Org membership check (, but didn’t know if you had that implemented based on the language of the contract. Possible there is another URL I am just missing to get our Org in a whitelist?

hi @jrack! Thanks for reaching out. We currently only have the ICLA in place, but I’m in conversations with our legal team about implementing a CCLA. Is only having the ICLA in place a blocker for your team to be able to contribute?

Edit: We actually have a CCLA in place! Our legal team will reach out to you via email with a copy of the CCLA soon. I’ll see what we can do to make that more visible in the contributor’s guide.

Awesome. I had the icla question working through my legal folks as a backup, but preference is always a ccla. Will keep an eye out for the ccla and get that to the right party to sign and revert. I actually fired off an issue for the cla-assistant team on this same topic for my own Org. Fortunately the whitelist feature works well with public org members.

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Thanks for working with us on this! I appreciate your patience and am excited to collaborate! :slight_smile: