Overriding acquisition/execution strategy


I wonder if there is a possibility to customize the way Camunda acquires or executes new jobs.

In my process, I have multiple processes with async tasks running at the same time. Sometimes, different tasks try to update the same entity in the database at the same time. I would like to avoid this by running new tasks by conditions, e.g.
“Camunda should skip running a task if there is already another running task related to the same entity (e.g. having a process variable orderId). After that task has been completed, Camunda can execute the previously skipped task”.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Vadzim,

You can implement org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.jobexecutor.AcquireJobsCommandFactory to provide a custom command for job acquisition. This command is called whenever the job executor decides to acquire jobs. You can plug that into the job executor by calling JobExeuctor#setAcquireJobsCmdFactory before you start it.


@thorben , thanks for your answer!

However, I’m not sure how I can access the currently running processes from that factory and filter the next jobs by a process variable (“orderId” in my case).
The default implementation of that factory just creates a new AcquireJobsCmd that, in turn, uses a JobManager that, in turn, finds jobs using a Page.