Parallel execution of Camunda 8 Outbound connector jobs


I have a question regarding connectors.
I noticed that at least when running it locally a connector task from a process instance can only be executed when the last one using this connector has finished its job. So e.g. when I implement a wait of 10 seconds and start five new process instances then the first one finished after around 10 seconds, the second after around 20, the third after 30 and so on.
Is this just a limitation because of the local development environment or can I configure it so that there are more underlying workers available?

Thanks in advance for hints

Hi @micudaj ,

Please take a look at this: The REST Connector sends only one request at a time for the entire process - #4 by mark.farkas

Based on this post adding the properties below should solve your issue:


Hi @mark.farkas ,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I tried this already and it didn’t fix the issue.
Meanwhile I found a Github issue about it where it says that it seems to be a Zeebe client issue: Increasing the client worker threads does not have any impact on parallel job executions · Issue #14662 · camunda/zeebe · GitHub