Parallel execution: wait for all concurrent executions to reach a certain task in order to proceed


I have several concurrent executions that have the same steps, but have different targets.
Each execution flow handled one target.

Now, I have a new step that has to be executed on multiple targets that are grouped by category.
The step is placed in the middle of the flow.
So I have to:

  • merge the executions by category
  • execute the step only when all executions reach this point
  • split again into the initial configuration in order to continue the individual processing of the targets

Any Idea how I could model this ?

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The part in the red box is new and somehow has to facilitate the execution on a group of targets.
Before, one instance of “Process target” had to handle on target.
Now I have to synchronize the executions, so the “Process groups” would execute only after all the targets belonging to a certain group pass trough “Process target”.

Or maybe I have to redo the whole workflow.

It might be helpful if you created a “dummy” diagram that illustrates what you are trying to do. It doesn’t have to work, it just needs to show the logic you are trying to implement.