Parallel gateway waits even if there is only 1 token... workaround?

Hi everyone,

As [1] and [2] states, “all concurrent executions arriving at the parallel gateway wait at the gateway until an execution has arrived for each of the incoming sequence flows”.

So I decided to try it, and effectively if only one token is alive in the process instance, that process instance waits at the parallel gateway like forever (see the picture attached)… so now I’m wondering if there are is a workaround or any way of recover from this, besides moving the token forward in such case.

[1] Api reference
[2] BPMN Reference

Hi Cristian,

the process engine works as described in the docs. Your process instance is stuck because of an invalid process definition. So the workaround is to model it in a correct way.

If you run in such an issue in production then you can use the process instance modification to move the token forward.

Does this help you?



Thanks Philipp, it helps a lot.

I assumed that this was the behavior and the only option is to use the process instance modification service, but wanted to confirm with someone else =)