Parallel user tasks

Greetings to all. I would like to ask you a question regarding the challenge I am facing:

In the context of the process, I need to start an instance that will assign the same task to several different users. This instance must be solved simultaneously and send the resulting information to another application. To accomplish this, I use a parallel gateway. The problem I am currently facing is that the amount of users in each instance can vary, being some with 3 users, while others can have 5, 8, 10 or any amount of users.

Is it possible to create a structure where I can have n number of users running the same task?

How do I dynamically assign the user to the userTask?

This is the diagram I am working on.
diagram_2.bpmn (11.0 KB)

Thank you all in advance

If the user task is the same task for everyone - you can use a Multi-Instance marker to dynamical create n instances of a task for each element of a list e.g. a list of users.

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Using multi-instance how can I control the assigned users?

I mean, how can I tell my instance to assign the user task to 5 users?

I modified the diagram like this
diagram_2 - Copy.bpmn (5.1 KB)

I’ve built a working example of this for you.
Just upload the BPMN model and the form and deploy it to Camunda

Ohh I get it, I have to pass the array in the multi instance and assign the individual variable in the usertak.

Thank you very much!!!

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