Parsing historic process variables of type Object/json


I’m quering the ACT_HI_VARINST table (in H2 DB) to get the value of process variables.
I have some process variables which are of a specific object type (then the var_type_ equals "serialazable).
I also have variables of type “json” and “spin://application/json”.
These have a ByteArray value which I cannot decode and get actual values.
How is this done?


Hi @kontrag,

Variables of type object are encoded in a serializer-specific way. The entries for XML and JSON variables in ACT_GE_BYTEARRAY should be UTF-8-encoded text. For Java-serialized values, it is a BLOB encoded according to the Java serialization spec.


Hi @thorben,

And how do I retrieve the values from the object variables which are in a serializer-specific way?

Any solution here?