Pass multiple values for same input in DMN

Hi all,
I need to know if it is possible to pass more than one value to the input when doing a post request call to the DMN. For example, I have a screen as an input and the value for the screen is let say screen1 and screen 2 and they each have different output. So I am trying to send the request body as

> {
> 	"variables":{
> 	"Screen":{"value":"Screen1","type":"String"},
>   "Screen":{"value":"Screen2","type":"String"}
> 	}
> }

So is there a way to send the Screen1 and Screen2 in the same Screen object.
Thanks in Advance

@Kishan_R you have to pass it as list object.

Can you please share some example of them in DMN table.

@Kishan_R refer the below post,