Pause, Resume and Abort option using REST API for C#

I am a C# windows developer, checking to see if Camunda platform fits our business needs.
We have few selection criteria:

  1. Can we know the state of the execution in a long running process?(ex: Running, Stopped, Stopped due to error etc, something just like this)

  2. Can we Pause, Resume or Abort a task/process in the middle of execution?

I used Camunda REST API for deploying and starting a simple process.
I am using a “Service task” in the model and the implementation is “external”

Can someone help me with some examples/document to achieve the above mentioned operations using C# with the help of Camunda REST API?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @vikascpatil

Welcome to the forum.
The REST API is capable of everything you’re asking about, but it’s quite low level, so you would need to in some cases make multiple calls to get all the information you want.

For a long running process you get the status by getting the process instance via rest If the it doesn’t return the details of the process then it either doesn’t exist or has finished.

You can get even more details on a process instance by asking for the history of the processes instance via rest. This will return information if the process is currently running OR if it has finished.

There are a lot of options around Suspending, Resuming or Canceling a process. You can even move the token around while executing is going on.

Hope that helps

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I was able to start with writing samples.
Thank you for the suggestion