Perform operations after executed CRUD operations for DbEntities

I need to perform operations after executing CRUD operations, in my case send kafka messages for some entities (e.g Task) after database commits
Is there a way?

Thanks in advance, best regards

There are various ways:

  • You could implement a custom history event handler. Basically, every change in a process or task generates history events that you can listen to.
  • You can use task and execution listeners to listen for this kind of events. The camunda-bpm-reactor extension provides a convenient way to get notified of all those events in one place.

Edit: Note that both approaches do not inform you of every created entity (i.e. row in the Camunda database schema), but of the major business objects camunda creates, deletes, etc.

Thanks for reply @thorben!

I agree for the history way :ok_hand:

I think I found a solution extending DefaultHistoryEventProducer performing each logical operations needed overriding the create event methods (e.g createTaskInstanceCreateEvt, createTaskInstanceCompleteEvt etc…)

Listener way is bound to bpmn parsing and sometimes preceding database operations

Thanks a lot, best regards

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