Performance suits for testing self managed Camunda8 in Azure

Looking for checking performance benchmark for self-managed Camunda8.
I have deployed helm charts following the link “Kubernetes - Camunda” in Azure and would like to explore on the performance capability.

Is there any suits that I can run against the self managed version of Camunda8

Hey @Saju_John_Sebastian1,
benchmarking your Zeebe Cluster in Azure sounds very interested. Please keep use posted about the outcome of the test! :slight_smile:

To learn more about how we at Camunda run performance tests, check out this blogpost from our Co-Founder @BerndRuecker:

This GitHub repository is used in order to run the benchmark: GitHub - camunda-community-hub/camunda-8-benchmark: Helper to create benchmarks for Camunda Platform 8 and Zeebe

Hopefully this helps!

Thanks for the GitHub details. I will have a look at it.

Having had that said, presently I am exploring the “Non-production licensed” version of the Zeebe cluster and would like to know if there would be any performance differences when it comes to the “Production” Zeebe cluster.

Let me know your thoughts.

Hey @Saju_John_Sebastian1,
there are no performance differences between the non- and production license.
In the end it depends on how many resources you have an broker / partitions you create. :slight_smile:

Have fun trying!