Permissions needed for users to see tasks in Tasklist

I’m having trouble getting a user to see a task I’ve created.

So far I have an admin user and a test user. The test user is in an approvers group. As the admin, I created a deployment and generated a process instance from that definition, which created a task. Using Tasklist, I added the approvers group to that task.

If I hit the REST endpoint /engine-rest/task?candidateUser=test as the test user, I get an empty array back. And if I log in to Tasklist as the test user, I can’t see the task.

If I hit the same REST endpoint as the admin user, the task is returned as expected. So the task exists and the test user is a candidate - they just can’t see it.

I have given the approvers group ALL permissions for the following, to no avail:

  • tasklist application
  • all tenants
  • all process definitions
  • all process instances
  • all tasks
  • all filters

As an experiment, I put the test user in the camunda-admin group, and then it could see the task. But that’s not a real solution. What am I missing for a user to see a task?


It looks like this is something to do with multi-tenancy. When I created the process definition, I passed it a tenant-id string, but without having created the corresponding tenant. When I removed the tenant-id, my test user could see the task.

I don’t need multi-tenancy so this fixes the issue for me.