PlanItem Definitions support

In your documentation here

you mention support for creating plan item defintion once and sharing across multiple plan items. However, I could not find a way to do this in the camunda modeler as currently there is only a way to drag and drop a task in the modeler and each task is expected to have a unique id. There is no way to create two plan items and point it to the same task Is this feature supported in the modeler or by the camunda engine?

Also here -

you talk about creating all the plan item definitions once in the casePlanModel stage and then using the plan item definitions in multiple other stages. The documentation states that plan item definitions in fact should only exist in the casePlanModel stage. Is this supported in the camunda modeler and by the engine?

How do I go about modeling these in the modeler?

Hello can someone respond to my question?

Hi rohail,

For ease of use, it is not possible to visually configure that a plan item definition is shared between multiple plan items. If you want that, you’ll have to edit it directly in the XML. You can also raise a feature request in the modeler’s issue tracker at