Platfrom 8 task and execution listeners

In Platform 8, what takes the place of listeners?

Hey @Chuck_Irvine

in Camunda Platform 8 we do not have the concept of execution listeners, but you can use a separate service task or add this logic to your workers.

Hope that helps.


I don’t see how this would work. Could you elaborate a bit?

Then there are task listeners, how might these be implemented?

Well, it depends on your use case.

You could fetch the Operate API: Operate API (REST) | Camunda Platform 8

Or, you could use an exporter to consume the stream: Exporters | Camunda Platform 8. By default, Zeebe supports an Elasticsearch exporter: zeebe/exporters/elasticsearch-exporter at main · camunda/zeebe · GitHub
Or, other community exporters: GitHub - camunda-community-hub/awesome-camunda-platform-8: Awesome Camunda Cloud Projects

Please describe what you try to achieve.

At this point, I’m just evaluating C8. I’ve used listeners quite a bit and wondered what comparable functionality exists in C8. I’ll take a look at your suggestions. Thanks

Can you share your use cases for listeners? What are you using those for exactly?
We are currently defining how we want to support those use cases going forward and as such look into all examples we can find (as some use cases we know from Camunda 7 might be better supported using different constructs).


I don’t think I can come close to listing all of the use cases that I’ve seen for execution and task listeners. In general, I think it’s best to provide a general mechanism to react to all of the events to which listeners can react.

One example that comes to mind is sending assignment email when ever a task is assigned to an individual or a group that the individual belongs to.

Another more general example comes from a recent contract that I worked on. There, all execution and task events were propagated to Kafka for other system components to subscribe to. This was a central and important component of a very large system implementation.