Please tell me how to create using DB

I want to create a user using DB and not sure what are the entries i need to make for admin access similar to user demo

Can someone please tell me


Could you explain your issue/query? Create a user in which Db? Are you referring to native users in Camunda and how to control Authorizations for the users?

i did some changes in the Authorization using cockpit and now i am not able to login back to cockpit so was wandering if i can either create a new user similar to default user demo or make some changes to existing user in database . i want to login back to cockpit which i am not able to


You can probably have a look at the Engine table ACT_RU_AUTHORIZATION and probably try changing the PERMS_ value.
For example, for the instance I use, I can see that the for RESOURCE_TYPE_ 0 to 18 and RESOURCE_ID_ * the PERMS_ value is 2147483647 in this table.

PS: Try at you own risk. I have not tried this out :sweat_smile:

Hi @vishucamunda,

have a look at the DemoDataGenerator of the invoice example:

The demo user is created here.

Hope this helps, Ingo