[Poll] Camunda BPM 7.13.0 - Feature Feedback

Hi Community Folk!

As you know - twice a year we release a shiny new version of Camunda BPM - that time has come again!
We’ve released Camunda BPM 7.13.0 to the world.

You can read all the gritty details about the release on our blog but here i wanted to find out how the features of this release are being greeted by you lovely people of the community. First by simply finding out which of these main features are you most happy about in this release

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I also want to point out that very soon the Camunda Modeler 4.0.0 will be released! So that’s something else to look forward to



@Niall, I can say all the 3 are most useful features. Can’t ignore any of them.


Obviously the Open API is important - i’m wonder if thats mainly because people want to use swagger or generate clients… or just like that we’ve made it more available in general?

@Niall, I prefer swagger in the microservices architecture, which provides one stop shop for all the camunda rest apis when it comes to the standalone remote deployment of camunda server, so that consumers can find which api is they’re really interested in.

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@Niall in my case it’s great to generate a client. I had a library with most used API Endpoints on my applications, and along the time I add new functionality. With Open API I can generate a java client with all the funcionalitity available.
And even more, I can import it into Postman, and forget my custom “Camunda Collection”.