Port issue with docker container & nginx

Hello everyone.

I use the following Dockerfile, based on Camunda’s official one, to serve Camunda web apps at port 8080 and its REST API. Along with this docker container running locally on my Ubuntu computer, I have an Apache web server running natively (w/o Docker) at port 80.

Here are the Dockerfile and the output that is spamming my log console. Any idea on what’s going on ? Thanks a lot.

Dockerfile : https://pastebin.com/49chqQ6m

Hi @pvermeil,

the errors in the log screenshot come from nginx not Camunda. In the Dockerfile you linked you install nginx in the docker image and I assume your start.sh script will start nginx on port 80, which seems to be already bound. How do you start your docker container? Are you using the option --network=host?