Possible to access the value of process variables in REST Connector?


I think the REST Connector is a convenient solution for certain use cases.

I wonder if its somehow possible to access the value of process variables inside the JSON payload within the Connector setup in Camunda Modeler?
I know it is possible to access the values of the response with result expressions, but didnt find anything about acessing process variables for the request body.


If your API needs an explicit requestBody to be passed as payload, you can always add payload as inputparameter in your connector config and leverage script assignment to access process level variables

Something like below

thank you, this is a perfect solution to my problem!
I have an additional question: Where can I find documentation about the methods I can use in the inline script? Or is it the same methods specified in the JS ZeeBee client?

If you are looking for camunda 8(Zeebe)