PostgreSQL Integration

Hi all, do we have a guideline available to integrate PostgreSQL into camunda application. I’m using the project template from I don’t want to use the default H2 database in my application. Would appreciate a blog/guideline/best Practice/ video.

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Add this dependency to the classpath:


And refer this post for datasources configuration:


@aravindhrs thanks for the solution. Just one quick question, where do we get url value from? Will given url value works fine?

@hello.aliasad if you install the postgres database in your local machine with same port, then the url work fine. And schema you need to create it, empty schema is enough, engine will auto create the tables for you. You need to enable autoschema update as true.

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Thank you so much, really apprciate it. With postgreSQL integration do we need to include the H2 database dependency in the pom.xml file or we can remove that dependency?

@hello.aliasad h2 is not required. you can remove it

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appreciate it. Thanks :slight_smile: