Postgresql RDS upgrade

I am upgrading Postgresql from 12.13 to 12.18,
And using camunda V 7.13. In document it is mentioned that v7.13 support postgresql 12.
Will it also support 12.18 and if yes Do we need to do any code changes in camunda application or need any script run for camunda db.

Hello my friend!

A “Minor” version update does not cause incompatibilities in what is already running…

It just adds some small new features and performance improvements that don’t affect current operation.

In other words, from 12.13 to 12.18 you won’t have any problems…

But if you upgrade from 12.13 to version 13.0, for example, then as the “MAJOR” changes, you will have incompatibility problems.

I hope this helps.
William Robert Alves