Postman workspace authentication changes

Hello! You might be familiar with our Postman workspace, a good place to experiment with the Camunda APIs. You might also have struggled to deal with authentication in the collections we have shared in that workspace.

We’ve recently revamped the authentication for one of the API collections in particular – the Administration API collection (formerly the Console API).

This collection is now SaaS-focused in terms of authentication. The embedded docs (the Overview tab) are updated to help you set things up correctly. If you’re using the SaaS environment, and you provide a client API id and secret, all the authentication magic should happen for you. And if you’re looking to authenticate in a self-managed environment instead of SaaS, you can still take care of that yourself, and plug in the auth token.

Our plan is to roll out similar changes to our other Postman collections.

In the meantime, if authentication in our Postman workspace has been a bad experience for you in the past, we’d love to get your feedback on how much these changes improve the experience. Please share any feedback here!

Thank you!