Prevent Demo Data in DB

(I’m not sure if the Meta category is the right place for this or not…)

I have been using the docker images for various Camunda 7.9 alphas and can see that, on first run, the database is populated with demo/sample data. I have used both the internal (h2?) database as well as connected to an external postgres db.

Recently, I’ve had an instance where the demo data has been re-created in my external db after I had cleared it out and deployed my own workflow. After the re-creation of the demo/sample data, the db contained both my workflow as well as the “Invoice Receipt” demo data (visible in cockpit). Furthermore, many of the stock task filters have been duplicated.

What triggers the appliance to (re-)create this data in the DB and can I prevent it somehow from creating this demo/sample data?


hey @brent
you can delete the camunda-example-invoice-7.8.3-ee.war from the deployments folder of the application server.
The invoice application creates the demo data.


You can run a dockerfile like this:

FROM camunda/camunda-bpm-platform:tomcat-7.8.0

RUN rm -r webapps/camunda-invoice

Excellent, thanks @felix-mueller and @StephenOTT!


hey guys
i’m trying to delete default webapps by using from/run in linux but this commands not found. could you please help