Previous bpmn versions in spring-boot application

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I am developing a spring-boot Camunda process application. However, each time when I do some changes in my bpmn file and run the application, the previous instances (which I invoked on previous version of BPMN flows) do not exist in the system.

Wondering, if there is a way to maintain all version of BPMN flow untill all the instances (in flight) complete themselves. I know this is doable if shared engine architecture.


Hi @camundaabhishek,

are the instances of the previous versions still in the database after the restart?

By default, the previous instances are not resumed. Please have a look at the configuration.

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Hi Philipp,

I have set up application.xml file as below

camunda.bpm.delete-upon-undeploy=false (for not to delete previous instances)
Wondering if you can explain how this will work in spring-boot application.

What kind of database to you use?

I am using the default database H2

If you use H2 database with argument as jdbc:h2:mem:~/usr/target/db/camundadb;DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT=FALSE;DB_CLOSE_DELAY=-1;

after restart you’ll lose all details, because data was stored in runtime memory.

If yes, change as per below,


It will create a db file for h2.

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