Problem when creating index from version upgrade scripts

I was upgrading camunda version from 7.11 to 7.12. When i run the upgrade scripts i got the below error in database console.

12:09:42 create index ACT_IDX_HI_JOB_LOG_JOB_CONF on ACT_HI_JOB_LOG(JOB_DEF_CONFIGURATION_) Error Code: 1114. The table 'ACT_HI_JOB_LOG' is full 501.875 sec

The corresponding db script is below from which i got above err msg:


Hi @aravindhrs,

do you run MySQL? If yes, here is a quote from the internet:

In most cases, ERROR 1114 results from lack of disk space.

Have a look at this article for further details: MySQL ERROR 1114 - The table is full - Virtual-DBA.

Hope this helps, Ingo