Problem when trying to start the process with embbeded forms

Hello everyone!

I’m migrating from activiti to camunda and I’m still learning about the tool. I am modeling a process using embbeded forms but the process start button does not enable. I did not see anything in the documentation that would help me in this, I researched here and I also did not find anyone with this problem. I downloaded the sample code to compare, did the deploy and got the same problem.

Any tips?

Alex Simas


I assume you already found the documentation about embedded forms? Could you share the html of your form?


Hello Sebastian!

Thank you for the answer. From your questioning I did a more careful review of the code and discovered that the problem was the date format, here in Brazil it is different from the world standard. So I did not enable start.

About the camunda-quickstart-task-form-embedded example there was a limitation on the email for 20 characters just, I tuned and also resolved.

I apologize for the lack of attention and I will continue studying this really fantastic tool.

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