Problem with automatic start of Camunda RUN at Windows startup

I am testing automatic start of Camunda RUN 7.15 (“startup.bat” file from camunda-bpm-run-7.15.0 folder) at Windows Server startup (as scheduled task at Logon).
The bat file is run successfully, no visible errors in the console, the last line is …starting to acquire jobs" as usual, however the server does not work ok. The users and the deployed diagrams are missing, the db seems completely empty.
I have to manually restart the server to solve the problem.

What could cause such issue?

Thanks in advance

Have you made any changes from the default settings?
Are you able to access the webapps or deploy a process?

The configuration is not the default, I copied multiple settings from production.yml file.
However, everything works ok when I start the server manually.
I managed to solve the issue by starting the Camunda server with a shortcut placed in Windows startup folder, instead of using the Task scheduler.

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