Problem with Timer Delays

I’m having a few problems with Timer Delays. In this example, I have 2 Timers set for Durations Type.

This is an HR process to schedule a Candidate for an interview. The Candidate is assigned a User Task which displays a URL to Schedule their interview, but oftentimes the Candidate will click the URL & and forget to complete the User Task.

So in this case, if the Candidate forgets to complete the User Task, it will timeout after 15 mins and move on to the next task.

In the second Time Delay, I want to have a Timer Delay to give the Candidate time to schedule their Interview before HR checks the Calendar. So there is a 10 Hour Delays before HR is tasked with checking the Calendar to verify.

Our Delays seem to be getting stuck and never trigger so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I was using “PT15M” and “PT10H” but have changed these to “P15M” and “P10H” for testing.

Can you guys have a look and tell me what I’m doing wrong?


BPMN-Team-Onboarding Delay Test.bpmn (5.8 KB)

Have you witnessed a timer fired before in your project? In order timers to fire Job Executor must be enabled. May be this link helpful:

I feel like it might never have worked so I check if the setting was configured and I did not see the setting for JobExecutorActivate in the bpm-platform.xml so I added the setting and restarted the server.

Should it automatically start processing the delays upon restart or do I need to do something to get them to retry?

It is better retrying by starting new process.

Hmmm, Ok I’m pretty sure the Job Executor is enabled now and I’m showing this in the logs to confirm.

21-Oct-2020 05:59:15.949 INFO [Thread-6] org.camunda.commons.logging.BaseLogger.logInfo ENGINE-14018 JobExecutor[org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.jobexecutor.RuntimeContainerJobExecutor] starting to acquire jobs

However, when I created a new process and waited a decent amount of time that should have trigger the 15 min delay, nothing seems to have happened.

It even shows 3 retries in the Jobs tab.

Any suggestions?


Now I see,
the time duration you have specified is actually 15 Months not 15 Minutes. You should change it to PT15M
You can take a look at format specification here


Ok, thanks! This was the other thing i was thinking could be the problem. I’m still confused about exactly what the difference with the “T” in the definition is.

So for 10 Hours would it be “PT10H”?

T is the time designator that precedes the time components of the representation

Yes PT10H denotes 10 hours.

Hi @GChester1,

There are 3 retries left, before an incident is created because the job has failed.

The number is decreased for every failed job execution:

Hope this helps, Ingo

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All working!

Thanks, gentleman for your help! :wink:

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