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Hi Community folk

The Camunda events team have put together a specialist event where people in the Banking & Finance world will be discussing how they’re using Camunda to automate their processes. Use cases being discussed with be Royal Bank of Scotland and Visma Finances and well as discussions about architectures. Sign up here:

It’s on today!
Register if you want to hear from wonderful people! My Camunda buddy Fefe will be talking about optimize!


See you later @Niall :slight_smile:

Hello all,

where can I find the link to be able to connect to the event?
Thank you in advance.

If you sign up using the form i linked to above you’ll then get an email with the link to the event itself.

Even if I have registered to the event, I receive an email without the link to the event.

@nikolaosnousias Yes. I also received the invite without meeting Id or link.

Registration Link:

@Niall if it’s Zoom meeting, please provide the zoom meeting id or link to join.

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Thanks for letting me know folks!
I’ll look into this right away.


I’m new here and I want to add that that’s awesome that you’re already ahead of the game with the new tax law. I’m sure your tax experts are stoked to have someone who knows their stuff!