Process completing when reaching timed task?

I am unit testing my process and I discovered that once my process reach a timed task, this is not anymore returned by


but by


I noticed my task is of type undefined, so that might be the reason. Can we set up our process engine so to throw error on undefined tasks?

Hi Edmondo,

the process engine handles an undefined task as pass-through activity. That means it leaves the task immediately.

You can build a BpmnParseListener and hook into the parsing of an undefined task.

Does this help you?

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Thanks Philipp, we are still newbies and we need to improve the design of our processes.

So the pattern I have to implement is the following:

  1. Send task to verify that a certain value is true
  2. If true, go forward
  3. If that value is false, go into a wait state for 24, then check again the value.
  4. The first time we check, send a special reminder via email

What type of tasks should be 3 and 4? In the version of the process that exited they were both undefined tasks


Hi Edmondo,

you could model your process using an intermediate timer event, see:

Does this solve your problem?

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