Process engine and deployment of processes

We have a named custom process application deployed as war to tomcat. The app bundles all the Bpmn resource files. When deploying on one of the newly created servers we see that the bpmn processes are available only on the default engine ( as seen in the cockpit) and not under the custom process engine.

We did not see issues delploying on other servers. Any pointers on what we can check what is causing this issue?


Hi @adat,

how do you deploy the resources?

If you use a process.xml then you can define the name of the process engine to deploy to. Please have a look at the docs.

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We use spring configuration to define the engine instead of process.xml and the app is deployed using maven

I assume that you use a shared process engine (e.g. the Camunda Tomcat distribution) and have a Spring process application. You have multiple process engines running and the process application should use one of this. Is this correct?

How do you configure the process application?
Do you set the process engine name which should be used?

Yes . We use process engine name. It works is all servers except the one that we created newly based of h2, we also had issues installing the default engine that came with the installation. When installed it did not create the default users and groups. So I am suspecting some issue with the h2 dB