Process engine deosn't locate my bpmn files

I have a normal structure dynamic web project created by eclipse – mean not camunda archtype or maven project –
having .java sources in project/src folder
and .xhtml sources in project/webcontent

I’m using wildfly full distribution downloaded from official camunda website.
when i deploy any of sample project provided from camunda consulting snippets
the engine scan the war and add the process definitions
but when deploying my project.war it doesn’t.

I put camunda jars – all of them from maven repo manullay-- in the build path
put process.xml, persistence.xml under src/main/resources/META-INF
put myfile.bpmn under src/main/resources

so what i’m missing here

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Abd_El-Fattah_Ghazy,

in your bpmn file, have you set the isExecutable flag set to true? (see here for an example).



Thanks for your reply @JoHeinem
It’s set to true and it’s working correctly with sample maven project from camunda git repo.
My guess is that the problem in project structure as i mentioned it’s not a maven project.
or the way maven build the war.


Hi Ghazy,

you could build the sample Maven project and your Eclipse project and then compare the WAR contents. That should give a clue what is missing. Maven is not required as long as you end up with a WAR in the correct shape (e.g. having META-INF/processes.xml on the classpath).



thanks for reply @thorben
actually i did that and noticed different war build structure
and when i made them alike it solved the problem
so thank you all