Process Engine Happy Path Testing with service tasks

I am using ProcessEngineCoverageExtension for testing the process flow.

All Tasks in my flow are Service Tasks.

public static ProcessEngineCoverageExtension extension = ProcessEngineExtensionProvider.extension;

@Deployment(resources = "bpmn/test.bpmn")
public void testHappyPath() {

    Map variables = new HashMap<>();

    variables.put(ExecutionVariableConstants.ID, 2386);
    variables.put(EVENT_TYPE, "CREATE");

    ProcessInstance processInstance = processEngine().getRuntimeService().startProcessInstanceByKey("Process_Sync_Job_Role",variables);
    // Then it should be active

    complete(task(), withVariables("TestToken", "xxxxxx"));

Getting the below Exception:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal call of complete(task = ‘null’, variables = ‘{TestToken=xxxxxx}’) - both must not be null!

Hello @surind ,

in case you are using external tasks, your approach is correct.

If you are using delegates, you will need to

execute(job(), withVariables());

I hope this helps