Process execution log

How can I generate a log from an existing process, that contains information such as which block, with what variables and values, in what time/duration has been executed?

Hi @Zahra,

try out this log level: org.camunda.bpm.engine.pvm.

Have a look here for more log levels: Logging |

Hope this helps, Ingo


Thanks for your reply,

Based on this logback.xml file:
logback.xml (2.4 KB)

For the following process:

I get the following log:

I need a log with the following contents:
the name of variables for each block,
the amount of the variables
Could you please help me? There may be a specific pattern that I can add, or a level of logging.

Another question, when more than one process is running on a workflow (different people are executing the process on different computers) I think the executed steps of each process will be scattered in different lines of the output log, right? like the following photo: the lines in red blocks are the steps of a process for one time. in the middle, the lines in the black block are for another one.

You see that there is no specific id or something else that shows which lines are the steps of running the process for one time, so, what is the thing that can help me to find the sequences of the steps for each of the execution times?

Thanks in advance