Process Execution Timelines of each node in a cluster

Dear Camunda Experts,
Hope you are good.
I have a question regarding Process Metrics in Camunda engine.
We have camunda cluster comprising of 6 nodes, and like to know some details of processes execution timelines, at a given time window. The result has to be in-specific to each camunda node, to understand the performance of each individual node. Result has to look something like this.

    "totalProcesses": 1000,
    "activeProcesses": 50,
    "failedProcesses": 10,
    "completedProcesses": 940,
    "executionTime": {
      "average": "50 milliseconds",
      "min": "10 milliseconds",
      "max": "100 milliseconds"

Raja Sekhar

Can anyone update please?
The data is necessarily not needed in api response but can be in any form. Either through sql query is also fine.
Raja sekhar