Process initiator in external start form (jsf)


I am starting a process instance via external jsf form (opened from the camunda tasklist).
I want to store the logged in user as initiator.

I tried identyService.getCurrentAuthentication() and the start-form extension “camunda:initiator”.
Both did not work

Any ideas?


Are you using a server that supports the use of the JAAS Subject? If so, that’s where I typically get user-identity information.

NOTE: I also took a serious look at JSF - and… though, I did like java-bean access via JSF, I later switched back to the basic HTML and the JS Camunda library. Reason was I didn’t like the extra “click” required to launch the external JSF page. Wasn’t sure if I didn’t implement external forms correctly or that’s just the way the built-in Camunda portal works.

We are using wildfly, so I will check the JAAS approach. I am not sure that the camunda identityService really will use JAAS out of the box when running the war on wildfly. Maybe the camunda guys know more?