Process instance filtering


I want to add some filters to running process instances list and I can’t find a way for some of them.
I would appreciate it if you could give some advice on any of them.

  • process instances that their active tasks’ due date is passed.
  • by created date ( I don’t understand why it is not present in rest API )
  • by assignee
  • process instances that their current steps is a user task.


Hi @dooghi,

You can use Camunda native query API to create such filters.

Below is an example of a native process instance query.
runtimeService.createNativeProcessInstanceQuery().sql("SELECT * FROM " + managementService.getTableName(ProcessInstance.class)).list()

You can join with Task table to get the intended results

Below is another example of a native task query

Also, you can embed Camunda REST API in a custom JAX-RS application. (to extend it)


Thank you @hassang,
Very insightful,
For using Camunda native query API, should I use an embedded engine model? Because I integrated my application with Camunda via Rest APIs, so I don’t have access to Camunda libraries. If yes, Is there any equivalent mapping in Rest APIs to use?

About extending Camunda Rest APIs, If I understand correctly, I have to add another application to embed the engine in that application and expose another REST API to use in my main application. Am I right? Did you see any samples for it?


I will appreciate it if anyone have an idea about how to do it without embedding engine in our application. We integrate with engine just with Rest APIs and external tasks.