Process instance not getting stored in Camunda databse

I am using Oracle database for Camunda db. The process flow is all working fine. But i dont see the process instance getting stored in database.

Do we need to enaable any config to persists process data to Camunda databse

Hi @savin007,

Could you please share your process? In which table are you looking for the process instance?


By default, Camunda keeps extensive history on all processes it executes. I can assure you that unless you have someone completely turned off all history, not a trivial task, any process that has completed has a record in the Camunda database.

The ACT_HI_PROC_INST table contains history for all processes. This might be really obvious, but if you cannot see process history in the Camunda Cockpit, you need to make sure that it is actually executing. Put logging statements into listerners (start or end) or whatever so you can be certain it’s actually running.